Data Recovery After Laptop Format

Data Recovery After Laptop Format

The format on the laptop is done for several things. Then how do we act for data recovery after formatting laptop?
The format in this case is to delete the entire data and create a new table for data storage. actually the format done by the computer just delete the entire Table File System, then do a check on the entire hard drive to search bad sectors, the damaged sector will automatically be considered absent or ignore in the format process. so that when finished format only sectors and health tracks that appear. because the real data is still in the hard disk, on a formatted hard drive we can restore all lost data, as long as the data is not overwritten by other data.

There are 3 menus for Recovery, first Delete File Recovery is to delete data Recovery results. both Complete Recovery, to perform Recovery on the entire Harddisk, and third is Partition Recovery, to restore a partition from the hard drive.
if your hard drive has only one partition then there is no difference between the second and third options.
If the hard disk is damaged due to Deleted Volume, hidden volumes, failed operation / file system then choose Partition Recovery. If you can not boot into the OS, please grab the Harddisk and find another computer, then make the Harddisk as Slave to do Data Recovery.

The second stage is to choose how to rescue the search, Search All Lost Files Automatically to perform a search on all existing files. Search Lost File by Type, to perform a search on a particular file type. the Ignore Bad Sector option is an option not to do a search on Bad Sector. select this option if your data is sure that the data you are looking for is not lost all of a sudden but rather because of your accidental formatting the hard drive.

The third stage is to choose which hard drive partition to recover, of course if your lost data is in C, then you do not need to search in D :. for example here the rescued data is in G: Private. but if you are not sure where your file is, you can choose all.

The next is to let the software run in accordance with its function. this process is based on Intelligent Searching, the program aan scans the selected partition, collects and analyzes, each byte, this process takes a considerable time depending on hard drive capacity and the amount of data.

After all partitions are analyzed, it will show which partitions may still be saved and which ones are no longer possible. at this place there is a sugestion which contains the advice or message about which partition is most recommended to be saved data.

The software will run and show which partition can be recovered and which partition is not possible to be recovered, the next process is to do the building tree, wait until the process is finished, you can do it by watching TV or enjoying a cup of tea, because it will take time … quite boring.

After the building tree process is complete the end is the software will display the directory structure that he has compiled. you are just looking for where your lost files are stored, if still there means that your data can be saved, if not yes … please make the data again: D, because maybe your data is really dead: p

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